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The Autopatch is
available for all amateur use.
We do ask that you support its use by join our radio club.
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To operate the Autopatch on 147.030Mhz + 167.9Hz Tone & 444.200Mhz + 141.3Hz Tone
  • Monitor the frequency to see if someone is using it.

  • If the frequency is clear, key up the repeater announce that you are going to access the autopatch and give your call sign. If the repeater Id's when unkey, wait for it to finish.
  • Press the PTT dial the 7 digit number followed by the ( * ) key, release the PTT. You should here the repeater respond "dialing number".
  • To end the call press the PTT, then press the ( # ) key and release the PTT. You should hear the repeater respond "call complete".
  • Key the repeater, announce that you are clear of the autopatch and give your call sign.

Note: The autopatch has a 5 minute time out timer. In about 4.5 minutes you start hearing an announcement your time is about up. You should wrap up your call up before the repeater disconnects you.
If you find this useful please consider supporting it.
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